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OC Portraits- Rubelle by hiddengardenia
OC Portraits- Rubelle
:iconcosmicmoths: should feel responsible in deciding she wants to do all her oc's as busts. Naturally my dumbass self says 'do it too!'

This is Rubelle my Nebula Sailor Senshi (in civillian). She is Sailor Rouge Arachnae; part of a trio with Sailor Eta Carina (belongs to :iconcopper-blossom:); & Chromium Butterfly (belongs to :iconcosmicmoths:).

Out of the trio Rubelle is very chill. She seems to take life one problem at a time and even then they rarely phase her. But if you mess with her teammates she becomes a a cruel and heartless bitch. She is very supported of the team leader Sailor Eta Carina; who is her childhood friend that's a drag queen. Rubelle has a bit of self esteem issues, where Eta Carina jumps in and supports her in getting over those insecurities a bit at a time. Rubelle is Brazilian even though she passes as white, until she opens her mouth (her accent is strong). She speaks Spanish, English, and Brazilian Portuguese and she is studying to become a language teacher. She works part time at a tattoo shop as the receptionist and a translator if the situation calls for it.
CS~ A Sudden Chance by hiddengardenia
CS~ A Sudden Chance
For :iconconstellation-senshi:

I'm a person who thinks too much then begins to think of stuff which forces me to attempt drawing. orz

So according to :iconwanderingkotka: Bernie (Sailor Comma Bernice) is a hairstylist. While Yari is studying to be a make up artist with a small course in hair styling. Somehow (magics or something) she ended up in Miami and did a guest demonstration in the school Yari goes to. From point A to B; Yari offers to show Bernie around and treat her in the town. Here they are in Yari's flat; in her bathroom and Bernie offered to do Yari's hair. (Hence the ugly shock face Yari has lol).

Yari belongs to me.
Bernie belongs to :iconwanderingkotka:
Constellation Senshi~ Two Paths by hiddengardenia
Constellation Senshi~ Two Paths
For :iconconstellation-senshi:

For the record I completely and utterly hold :icontesserafrost:, completely responsible for this. She dared to say that wanted her Pyxis and my Circinus to be friendly rivals. My dumbass of a brain was all "challenge accepted" then this happened.

So here you have Ibarra (Sailor Pyxis) & Yari (Sailor Circinus); the two constellations that are compasses together. Difference is that Pyxis is the Mariner's Compass. (And Pyxis has beautiful fluffy hair as compared to Yari's freaking ombre)

There are some things I'm not completely pleased with (Yari's skirt.....the freaking skirt). But besides those things I'm overall pleased. I know :icontesserafrost: said that Pyxis's hair was to be red....but since she mentioned she might change the shade I took a bit of a liberty in having it be a red-pink-magenta combo. (If you want it changed tell me and I'll do that in a heartbeat.)

The two brooches above them are to be Pyxis and Circinus's compasses respectfully. Also within, alongside the constellations I added the corresponding stars that are around the constellation.

Sailor Pyxis belongs to :icontesserafrost: and can be found here:…
Sailor Circinus is mine.
Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi-sensei.

Mayne now my brain will let me sleep.
Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] Bleeding RO Emoticon 
Sailor Circinus Reference by hiddengardenia
Sailor Circinus Reference
For :iconconstellation-senshi:

Sweetheart Divider Sweetheart Divider Sweetheart Divider Sweetheart Divider Sweetheart Divider Sweetheart Divider Sweetheart Divider 

:bulletorange:Name: :bulletorange: Yarisneidys "Yari" Zorrilla
:bulletorange: Name Meaning: :bulletorange: First name is composed of combining yaris with neidy. The name "Yaris" is loosely derived from the name of the Greek goddess of grace, Charis. While "Neidys" is loosely brought from the name Neida which means favor. So Yarisneidy has no meaning and was a created name, which is common with cuban naming. Zorrilla means fox. Pronounced: Yarisneidys (Yah-ree's-neigh-dees) or Yari (Yah-ree) Zorrilla (Zoh-ree-yah). 
:bulletorange:Age: :bulletorange: 23
:bulletorange:Height: :bulletorange: 5'6"
:bulletorange:Hair: :bulletorange: brunette with a peach ombre 
:bulletorange:Eyes: :bulletorange: Brown
:bulletorange: Occupation: :bulletorange: Works part-time as a dance instructor (3 times a week at night); and part-time babysitting dogs (weekends). During the day she is studying to become a make up artist and is also studying hair styling in a vocational school. 
:bulletorange: Special Skills: :bulletorange: Yari is great at housework, at hunting/fishing; and swimming. She is bilingual speaking Spanish and English.
:bulletorange: Family :bulletorange: Mother (Neida), 2 half-siblings by mother's side (Robell [27], and Janeidys [25]); Father (Anton, he got into her life far later); and 4 half-siblings on her father's side (Augustin [22], Johan [19], Irena [15], and Magdalena [12]). 
:bulletorange: Background : :bulletorange: Yari was brought into the world by a one night stand done by her parents, while her father visited the island of Cuba. She lived in Viñales, Pinar del Rio until the age of 13. Afterwards she and her family (mother and her siblings from her mother's side) moved to the USA and lived with some family friends for a while. When her father discovered that she was in the US he went with intentions on meeting her. Even then the two of them butted heads; mostly on Yari's behalf not that inclined in meeting her wealthy father. Even then she got close to her paternal grandmother and when she turned 18 she was gifted an apartment in Biscayne and completely rent free as well as her school tuition being paid for. Older she has gotten a better relationship with her paternal family and gets along best with Magdalena her littlest sister.

:bulletorange: Personality: :bulletorange: Yarisneidys is a loudmouth; and fiery young woman. She loves working with her hands but isn't all that great at studying. Which makes her time as a student a love/hate situation for when she has to do anything written or the like.  She was raised under an iron fist and was never spoiled even though usually the youngest child is spoiled. Yari loves reading and will devour anything that attracts her attention. There is barely no filter between her thoughts and her words, which is a double edged sword when it comes with friends. Yarisneidys is also an open book going straight to the point with things and cannot lie to save her life. She doesn't fear being ostracized and speaks her mind at every moment and genuinely appreciates it when people do the same with her. Yari is a person who uses a lot of physical contact and touches people often, and talks with her hands as much as with her mouth. Some friends call her a dutiful housewife since she is always cleaning and cooking, and picking up after her friends when they're over. Being a Spanish speaker first; sometimes her English is a bit choppy. When she gets overly excited, frustrated, or has to curse someone down she can automatically switch to spanish or do a random spanglish mess. Yari is the type of person who gets annoyed will say a couple of biting words and then forget about it in an hour, to then go apologize when she noticed the other party hasn't talked back with her. With an open love of life and experiences she holds nothing back. She will try anything at least once and isn't afraid to experiment sexually either (but she must be comfortable with the person first before she tries the frick-frack). Loves all forms of food and has a love of pastelitos (cuban pastries), arroz con leche (a Cuban rice pudding); & other Cuban treats. She likes to collect cute bottle caps and spoons (has stolen one or two from restaurants before).

Sweetheart Divider Sweetheart Divider Sweetheart Divider Sweetheart Divider Sweetheart Divider Sweetheart Divider Sweetheart Divider 

:bulletorange: Name: :bulletorange: Sailor Circinus
:bulletorange: Constellation: :bulletorange:…

:bulletorange: Offensive: :bulletorange: "Compass Shot"
Yari places her vanguard in crossbow mode and shoots bolts that look like compass needles. Once she hits her target a first time a spurt of six are sent out one after another and go straight to the target even if the has moved.

:bulletorange: Defensive :bulletorange:
A small compass rose appears at her feet and any attack thrown her way is 'ricochet' off and doesn't hit her. It doesn't last long and the bigger she makes it the more energy it takes for her.

:bulletorange: Weapon :bulletorange:
"Compass Vanguard"
First as a tattoo and when it is activated it turns into a vanhuard with 4 dials:
  + Cross brow
  + Gyrocompass
  + Magnetic Compass
  + Astrocompass 
When she selects which option she wants either a) the compass opens up and is usable; or b) it turns into her crossbow.

Sailor Circinus belongs to me
Sailor Moon is obviously not mine
The heart divider belongs to :iconnorbix9:



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