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SMV~ Winter Formal: The Dress (Cati) by hiddengardenia
SMV~ Winter Formal: The Dress (Cati)
For :iconsmvillage:

After racking my head for a dress for Catriona I am fairly pleased with what I came up with. The dress itself is a halter top with the halter being tied by a bow on the back. (I may decide to get off my but and do a proper front and back view of the dress to show it). The inner skirt of the dress is in a nice dark blue 'ink' tone. Along with it she has layers of lavender and dusty rose tulle that adds to the dress in volume and style. The empire waist is adorned with a chain of miniature pearls with long silver spikes in between arches and a small moon brooch in the center. Her heels are the same color of the dress but its back is enceusted with gems. (I did the 'snow' texture and the sparkles using LINE Camera)

I honestly had fun designing the dress and I found a beautiful nouveau frame to go with it (there's no way I can do that).

Cati is all for the idea into doing as much as she can for thw Winter Formal. Her lonely ass has been working too much and she's going to enjoy spending the time with other people (and not using the time to better her social skills).

Sailor Moon is obviously not mine
Catriona is mine
Frame by: :icontigers-stock:
OC Portraits- Catriona by hiddengardenia
OC Portraits- Catriona
Ok 2nd OC portrait and its another senshi.

Catriona is my fairy senshi. She is the senshi of laughter and trickery. She is a laid back person who detests responsibilities mostly because she can't stand the stuck up elders who bicker. She is a mediator between the two courts of her homeland: the court of Laughter and the court of Trickery.

Naturally her hair is red but she always changes the color with her magic. I was in a pink-ish mood if you cannot see.

Cati can be found here:…
OC Portraits- Rubelle by hiddengardenia
OC Portraits- Rubelle
:iconcosmicmoths: should feel responsible in deciding she wants to do all her oc's as busts. Naturally my dumbass self says 'do it too!'

This is Rubelle my Nebula Sailor Senshi (in civillian). She is Sailor Rouge Arachnae; part of a trio with Sailor Eta Carina (belongs to :iconcopper-blossom:); & Chromium Butterfly (belongs to :iconcosmicmoths:).

Out of the trio Rubelle is very chill. She seems to take life one problem at a time and even then they rarely phase her. But if you mess with her teammates she becomes a a cruel and heartless bitch. She is very supported of the team leader Sailor Eta Carina; who is her childhood friend that's a drag queen. Rubelle has a bit of self esteem issues, where Eta Carina jumps in and supports her in getting over those insecurities a bit at a time. Rubelle is Brazilian even though she passes as white, until she opens her mouth (her accent is strong). She speaks Spanish, English, and Brazilian Portuguese and she is studying to become a language teacher. She works part time at a tattoo shop as the receptionist and a translator if the situation calls for it.
CS~ A Sudden Chance by hiddengardenia
CS~ A Sudden Chance
For :iconconstellation-senshi:

I'm a person who thinks too much then begins to think of stuff which forces me to attempt drawing. orz

So according to :iconwanderingkotka: Bernie (Sailor Comma Bernice) is a hairstylist. While Yari is studying to be a make up artist with a small course in hair styling. Somehow (magics or something) she ended up in Miami and did a guest demonstration in the school Yari goes to. From point A to B; Yari offers to show Bernie around and treat her in the town. Here they are in Yari's flat; in her bathroom and Bernie offered to do Yari's hair. (Hence the ugly shock face Yari has lol).

Yari belongs to me.
Bernie belongs to :iconwanderingkotka:


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