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UP~ Gargoyle ref by hiddengardenia
UP~ Gargoyle ref
For UglyPonies 

Name: Gargoyle some friends call him "Goliath"
Gender: Male
Age: 30 in human
Sexual Orientation: bicurious
Relationship Status: Single and ready to mingle

Cutie Mark: a gem enclosed by grey wings
Talent: crafting scultures and jewelry of rock and semi precious stones
Occupation: he travels selling hiswaresor takes custom orders
Personality: underneath the tough exterior is a gentle heart. Gargoyle is a protector and is very loyal to those closest to him. He's careful when he's around others since he's huge and is careful with all his horns. He takes care in blunting the majority of his horns every week so he doesn't have to fear cutting anyone. He got his ear ripped when he was outcasted from his hometown since he was seen as scarry. Now he lives alone and tries to keep contact with other ponies at a minimum. When angry he can be scarry spitting fire or using the little bit of magic he has, yet its usually done to scare off bullies.

Genetics and all them good stuff:
Grey(Het) male Dragon with Green/Green hair and Sabin(het)
(Carries Dilute(het) Purple, Seal, Bay, Black(hom), and Green)

BB~ LU by hiddengardenia
For Bamharr-babes 

Lu starting her day with food. Lu is my precious lil' puff ball and I love her!!!!!

Bamharr's are a closed species belonging to LotusLumino 
Lu is mine
Lavender Lu by hiddengardenia
Lavender Lu
For Bamharr-babes 

NAME: Lavender Lucas (usually called Lavender Lu or just Lu by those close to her)
AGE: Young Adult
SEXUALITY: Demisexual (but has had crushes [mainly fangirling how cute they are])

PERSONALITY: Generally well liked by those around her. Lavender can be seen like a ray of sunshine by her optimistic outlook. She is bubbly, charismatic and has sometimes use it to her advantage. If she likes something she engrosses herself in it almost becoming an expert, but if something doesn't catch her eye she is scraping on average. Lavender is a bit of a glutton seen 9/10 times with something to eat on her, carrying a small backpack which she affectionally calls the "Snack Pack". Because of this she partakes in a lot of excercise to keep her figure. But not everything is sugar and everything nice; Lavender has a bit of a mean streak and can be a bully. She has nothing against tormenting someone else for nothing but her own enjoyment (can be classified as an S).
Likes: Sweets, food, pastel clothing, lollipops (her fave candy). wisteria flowers, braiding hair, making her own outfits
Dislikes: Being called a glutton, spicy snack (no flaming hot cheetos for her), strong perfumes  
Hobbies: Baking (especially truffles, and macaroons), making clothes

1 down 9  to go :D
Bamharr's are a closed species belonging to LotusLumino 


United States

Breeding Status -ON-

While Breeding is Open I won't go crazy to save poor Whispen.

For :iconuglyponies:

Ok kiddies I saw that people were making journals to keep track breeding and the like and i decided to jump on the bangwagon. 

So here's to start: If our ponies breed it doesn't make them have a relationship and the like and the foals won't be related in any way, shape, or form. Unless i think it's cool to do otherwise. 

Now the rules:
  • Ask nicely
  • There will be a breeding fee to cover (just so we can have everything prepared for the breeding). It'll mainly be half of a bouquet, or half of the turkey basters. 
  • If the Pony's name has a star on it; it means that I am more reluctant to breed it and there might be a higher fee
    • If you wanna ask me to breed my ponies together (still there'll be a fee)

  • If a Pony has THREE STARS on it; it means that I am more than likely unwilling to breed unless it's for something I want. (coughROYALPONYcough)
  • If you'd like a pony from one of my ponies and of another person. Get their permission first and then hit me up. :3
  • If you are a new member that doesn't have a pony; I don't mind breeding one for you. (There might be a few ponies I'm reluctant to do that with so please understand)
  • If we get 2 ponies I'll be keeping one, but you call first dibs.

Now the ponies! (list will be updated when new ponies come in)


hiddengardenia's Villager (#146) by Princess-Ugly
Shiraz Sparkle- Female
Grey Female
(Carries Blue with Orange/Red hair, Bay(Het), and Purple)

hiddengardenia's Foal (#262) by Princess-Ugly
Autumn Lune- Female
Dilute(Het) Purple Female with green/orange hair, Bay(Het) and Sabino(Het)
(Carries seal, black, and Yellow)


MUSElGEN's Villager (#071) by Princess-Ugly
Whiplash- Male
Yellow male with green/purple hair, seal(Het), and roan(Het)
(Carries yellow and c zebra)

Song Ponies

hiddengardenia's Villager (#147) by Princess-Ugly
Orchid Chime- Female *
White female with RainbowMane
(Carries Light(Hom) Red with Red/Purple hair, Overo(Het), Black(Het), Colorbay(Het), Seal(Het), and Red)
A 100 pt/bit fee
imaprettypeacock's Villager (#288) by Princess-Ugly
Unnamed -Female
Black female with Yellow/Orange hair and Overo(het)
(Carries Light(Het) Purple, CBay, Seal, and ORange)

Fairy Ponies 

imaprettypeacock's Foal (#157) by Princess-Ugly
Obreon Starling- Male
Light(Hom) Green male with Purple/Blue hair
(Carries C Zebra(Het), Okapi(Het), Dapple(Het), Black, and Purple)

Sea Ponies

PaintSet's Foal (#184) by Princess-Ugly
Typhoon Tide- Male
Light(Hom) Orange male Sea Pony with Orange/Purple hair, RainbowMane, and Overo(Het)
(Carries Black, Seal(Het), and Red)

Alicorn Ponies

MUSEIGEN's Foal (#180) by Princess-Ugly
Sky Dive- Male*
White Alicorn Male with Yellow/Orange hair
(Carries Orange, Tobiano(Het), Appaloosa(Het), and Orange)
A 150 pt/bit fee

Earth Ponies

Biscottimon's Villager (#228) by Princess-Ugly
Grey(het) male with Red/Yellow hair, Dapple(Het), Appaloosa(Hom), and BlackMane
(Carries Blue, Python(Het), and Yellow)

Deer Ponies 

hiddengardenia's Villager (#195) by Princess-Ugly
Carambola- Female
Blue female Fawn Pony with Yellow/Ornage hair, Dapple(Het), and Zebra(Hom)
(Carries Star Dapple(Het), Black, and Orange)

Dragon Ponies 

hiddengardenia's Foal (#314) by Princess-Ugly
Grey(Het) male Dragon with Green/Green hair and Sabino(het)
(Carries Dilute(het) Purple, Seal, Bay, Black(hom), and Green)

Kirin Ponies 

hiddengardenia's Foal (#312) by Princess-Ugly
Dilute(hom) Red male Kirin with Yellow/Orange hair and Seal(hom)
(Carries Black and Green)
A 150 pt/bit fee

Royals Ponies

Dallyingcat's Villager (#247) by Princess-Ugly
Regal Eclipse - Male***
Black male with Green/Yellow hair and Tobiano(Hom)
(Carries Light(het) Yellow and yellow C Seal)
Things I'm looking for!
  • Python
  • Okapi
  • Leopard
  • Bat Ponies
  • Pegasi
  • Fairy Ponies
  • ALWAYS Wereponies
  • Shroom
Breeding to do/done!:

For :iconpaintset: and ME: (double breeding)
Pony A: Obreon Starling imaprettypeacock's Foal (#157) by Princess-Ugly
Pony B: Typhoon Tide (to be named) PaintSet's Foal (#184) by Princess-Ugly
Items Needed: 2 Bouquets and 2 Turkey Basters (pending, may change)
Sent?: No

Pony A: 
Pony B: 
Items Needed: 




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