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CS~ CatYari SnapChats! by hiddengardenia
CS~ CatYari SnapChats!
For :iconconstellation-senshi:

Yari and Catori hanging out and taking a snapchat together to send to someone (aka a nice warning to Landon of the impending "Cheer Squad"). Dressed sporty with neon touches! (Couldn't help myself). 

Catori belongs to Unisamas
Landon belongs to SailorAlcyone (mentioned)
Yari is mine.
YarLan silly by hiddengardenia
YarLan silly
For :iconconstellation-senshi:

Sketchy doodle is sketchy doodle; so idk on inconsistencies. :P ALSO 1ST TIME DRAWING MAN *achievement unlocked*

So if you guys have noticed the new hottie in the form of Landon (Guardian Lupus) by the amazing SailorAlcyone. You might have noticed mainly me and Unisamas throwing crazy scenarios left and right with my Yari and Uni's Catori. To the point that we have collectively agreed on somethings.

1) CATLAN 2K15!!
2) Yari would be the Barney Stinson to Landon's Ted Mosby
3) Yari and Landon would win ALL THE HALLOWEEN CONTESTS

Yari would always cause shenanigans towards Landon from taking over his house for times, tracking him down to be arrested (its a handcuff thing). Yet she'd also help him out with weaning out girls from around him. (they're a harem) Since Landon searches for the ONE and Yari goes as his wingman. Even then some of her meathods might be off (infomercial style). Also she's there to bail him out if he gets swarmed.

Landon belongs to SailorAlcyone
Yari is MINE


United States
COLORED LOGO by hiddengardenia

There has been a new shop being promoted on Mane Street . So you decide to check it out, stepping into the cozy dim café you notice the walls are all chalkboard and there are scribbles here and drawings there. The long bar takes up one entire wall and a lone pony is behind it ardent at work.

"YO! Looks like you're a new face." The grey mare greeted behind the bar; a glass being polished with a rag using magic. "Well this is Bubbly & Sweet. I'm Shiraz the owner of the joint, and I'm in charge mainly of the bubbly." She walked by the length of the bar to stand before you giving a quick once-over before giving a singular nod. 

"Ok this is how it's going to go down. You have two options: ​either you let me decide for you; or you can pick a special from the wall. Sometimes we’ll ask for suggestions when Confection and I are out of ideas so if you become a regular you can probably do that.” Shiraz Sparkle explained without missing a beat as a notepad floated to her side ready to take the order.
Shiraz’s Choice
Shiraz uses her experience as a member of the Vine family and creates both a drink and dessert based off the pony themselves.
Drink 10-15 points/bits depending on complexity of pony
Dessert 10-15 points/bits depending on complexity of pony
Combo (Drink/Dessert) 25 points/bits
This Week’s Special
Hoof Marks!
Seeing as the chalkboard walls are pretty much empty enjoy drawing on it to your hearts content enjoying a treat too
 40 points/bits

Bubbly and Sweet Stamp Card by hiddengardenia
As a reward for regular customers after your fith visit you'll get a stamp card. Collect alll stamps and you can receive a bonus From free art to items/bits

To Do:
:iconnickyflamingo: (Paid) ~drafting
Hoof Marks~ Eureka

UP~ Marauder Hoof Mark by hiddengardenia Marauder Hoof Marks! nickyflamingo Paid and Dibe
UP~ Combo Spiteful Sonata by hiddengardenia Spiteful Sonata Combo! whispen Paid and Done
UP~ Fire Spin Hoof Mark by hiddengardenia Fire Spin Hoof Marks! dallyingcat Paid and Done
UP Nimbus Swirl Hoof Marks by hiddengardenia Nimbus Swirl Hoof Marks! dallyingcat Paid and Do3ne

[Note: All points are split 50/50 with Amiookamiwolf]
For: :iconuglyponies:




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Sailor Circinus by nickyflamingo

*runs away*
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