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CS~ 1200s! Gen Sailor Circinus by hiddengardenia
CS~ 1200s! Gen Sailor Circinus
For :iconconstellation-senshi:

This is one of the generations of Circinus. Don't ask me about timeline because I haven't figured it out yet. But she is after Circi and before Yari. :P

She will be featured in my Ask Sailor Circinus.

:bulletgreen:Name: :bulletgreen: Hiu-Ling Na-Ho
:bulletgreen: Name Meaning: :bulletgreen: Wise Jade Tinkling
:bulletgreen:Age: :bulletgreen: 24
:bulletgreen:Timeline: :bulletgreen: 1200s
:bulletgreen:Height: :bulletgreen: 5'7"
:bulletgreen:Hair: :bulletgreen: black
:bulletgreen:Eyes: :bulletgreen: Golden
:bulletgreen: Occupation: :bulletgreen: Second wife of a Mongol general, horsewoman, warrior
:bulletgreen: Orientation: :bulletgreen: Gray-asexual; experience sexual attraction regularly or semi-regularly but rarely feels the desire to follow through and engage in partnered sex.  
:bulletgreen: Special Skills: :bulletgreen: She has military training and also is an expert horsewoman, and has knowledge as a blacksmith.
:bulletgreen: Family :bulletgreen: Husband, Sister Wife, Sister Wife's children, Brother-in-Law, Mother-in-Law, Father-in-law

:bulletgreen: Personality: :bulletgreen: Sober and serious Hiu-Ling takes her responsibilities with priority. She isn't that good at expressing herself and has been regarded as cold and heartless by her peers. Yet that isnt the case, with those she is close too she tries to show more emotion while it mainly comes out awkwardly. She is in good terms with her sister wife and treats her children like her own. Her relationship with her husband is more of them both supporting each other within combat and the gruesome aspects of his occupation, while Hiu-Ling's sister wife takes care of the otherwise sexual endeavors. Hiu-Ling rarely acts out her own sexual desire so it has never caused any strife and tends to be comfortable only with simple kisses. She can be clasified as a tsundere by the otherwise contrasting aspects of her personality.


:bulletgreen:Senshi Name: Sailor Circinus
:bulletgreen:Weapon: Compass Vanguard

North </>: Bow and Arrow. Similar to a Mongolian recurve bow with this weapon form she is better suited for horse back, high moving terrain, and long distance fighting. 
Attack: Compass Shot:  shoots arrows that look like compass needles. Once she hits her target a first time a spurt of six are sent out one after another and go straight to the target even if the has moved.

South : Sword: A sword which is best use for short ranged combat. 
Attack: Direction Change: The blade gains an ethereal glow and levitates. With certain hand gestures Hiu-Ling kight control the sword (think bending from AtlA). Or she may charge her sword and when attacking the "charge" breaks and is imbedded into the enemy increasing probability of hitting them in the same spot even if enemy is feeing.

West Spear: for midrange fighting; the spear is also used while on horseback primarily. 
Attack Lunar Arch. Hiu-Ling's spear begins to glow a soft jade light as do her eyes. Once she had "locked" a target with her eyes she throws the spear and it launches to the targetted enemy.

East: Mace: a mace that expulses energy from its head. 
Attack: Sun's Path: when the mace charges it glows from green to yellow. Hiu-Ling hits the ground causing a small explosion as energy as it hits the enemy.

Innate Ability: Circinus Path: As Sailor Circinus Hiu-Ling inherited the "path". Which is the ability to foresee possible futures and observe what may happen. Tgese visions of the future are subject to frequent shifting. While not being able to select which futures to see, these visions may assist in possible courses of action. If used on herself she might sense paths projected in front of them, this space being called the "path", and in it she can decide the best possible solution and decide from then on. Even then her own "path"is subjected to chance and could change because of those around her.

CS~ Reg! Gen Morning Kisses by hiddengardenia
CS~ Reg! Gen Morning Kisses
For :iconconstellation-senshi:

If I die its ok because this is done. You all, but a certain few, cannot know how deep my love for these two are.

Long Story Short this is Bara Husbando and Kawaii Waifu also known by name as Warrior Lupus James Edward Shephard and Sailor Circinus Felicity Ashton-Calverty. These two were lovers and husband/wife in the regency generation. Me being a Harlequin nerd just had to draw this. I hope this can be the first of many images of both Felicity and James. 

Sailor Circinus, Felicity belongs to me
Warrior Lupus, James belongs to :iconsailoralcyone:
CS~ Yari Selfie by hiddengardenia
CS~ Yari Selfie
For :iconconstellation-senshi:

Just decided to post the bigger version of the pic in the relationship meme

Also look at the charms
CS~ Yari Relationship Meme by hiddengardenia
CS~ Yari Relationship Meme
Taken from the Glorious :iconwanderingkotka: who got the idea from me. The world works in mysterious ways. 

So yeah Yari's relationships. It's pretty self explanatory. But I did cheat a bit and did some things myself. 

Half a Star means that they're on the way to become friends/etc it's not all there yet; because while Yari is an party girl and can get along with most people. She won't hand out the title friend to anyone, those are special. 

Also names that are COLORED mean that they are more important to Yari. If you have a colored name, you're high in the ranking. 

Chancletas are the BROTP Square consisting of Yari, Stella (Copper-Blossom), Catalina (:devcosmicmoths), and Manolo (MorningStarLily). Chancletas can also be called Florida + Jersey, and the Montley Crew (depending on who you ask). 

The victims to have the pleasure of being in Yari's Chart:

Pink Gem Stella/ Sailor Puppis Copper-Blossom Pink Gem
Pink Gem Catalina/ Sailor Pisces cosmicmoths 
Pink Gem
Green Gem Manolo/ Warrior Hydrus MorningStarLily 
Green Gem
Blue Gem  Lan/ Warrior Lupus SailorAlcyone Blue Gem 

Teal Gem Catori/ Sailor Lynx Unisamas 
Teal Gem
Teal Gem Bernie/ Coma Bernice WanderingKotka 
Teal Gem
Teal Gem Tamra/ Sailor Capricorn Maiyuna 
Teal Gem
Teal Gem Ibarra/ Sailor Pyxis TesseraFrost 
Teal Gem
Teal Gem Veronika/ Sailor Chameleon LotusLumino 
Teal Gem
Teal Gem Priss/ Sailor Columba snow-princess 
Teal Gem


United States

For :iconconstellation-senshi:

So I totally got the idea from the beautiful :iconwanderingkotka: (even though I don't think there's much to Yari yet when Unisamas took the plunge I had to follow)

Have a question for/about/regarding Sailor Circinus? Drop a question and they (or I) will give you an answer to the best of our collective knowledge.

(Some answers moght be drawn! If i get inspired to do so...and doesn't seem complicated in my head ;D)

Currently Available to ask are:

Sailor Cirinus:
1st Gen: Circi

Breezy and fickle 1st Circinus that likes to be called Circi (shortened Circinus). Cool and an avid lover of beauty. She began the trend on the Circinus's to not take things too seriously, on an emotional standpoint; as things always changed into new directions.

Sailor Circinus:
Current Gen: Yarisneidys Zorrila

Loud, tropical, and boisterous. A proud Cuban with a thirst for love and life. Hot and an instigator; Yari has to be taken with a grain of salt. Very animated and generally cheerful. Unfortunately she has adapted like all other Circinus following Circi's view on not being so emotionally involved with others, which has been a double edged sword. (And secret stuff)

Some Generations between Yari and Circi may appear depending on plot; and will be added here.


Gen1: Circi
- Do you regret leaving your homeworld to come to the Cloaked World as a senshi?

"No, I knew I have used up all my usefulness in my homeworld. We all had changed with the passing of time and I was no longer what they needed. Yet the Lady did need me, and I felt that with her in the cloaked world I would grow as a person and a warrior."

- When you come to Earth, do you find it and its people beautiful?  Or is it a letdown?
"There was a rugged charm to it. It wasn't as ethereal as my homeworld; yet it held its own beauty. I wouldn't say it was a let down because i didn't know what to expect, or how I would react to the planet and the inhabitants. Some things did clash with me, and it takes a strong will to not let it affect me. If anything the very pompous manner in how men were infinitely superior was something I clashed with every time, but after that there were pleasant people and beauty everywhere I looked."

Current Gen: Yari
- Are you glad you've become a senshi?  Or is this a drag?  Do you wish you had never received the brooch?

"Honestly? There are days that I detest having become a senshi. Y ya cuando estoy en lo más bajo, once I'm at the lowest point. I wish I had nothing to do with being a senshi. But when I'm that low the people most important to me come around. That's when I remember how good it is being a senshi. I would have never met Stella, or Catalina, or Lan if I wasn't a senshi. I wouldn't have seen Tamra again, and I wouldn't have been getting more friends. When I deck the fuku on I'm not only a hot piece of ass; I'm not alone. I have the past me's, and my senshi friends. Also if I didn't accept it; my sister Irena would have been plan B. I wasn't going to put Irena in danger if I had anything to say about it."




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