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FS: Soldier Mint the Magnificent by hiddengardenia
FS: Soldier Mint the Magnificent

For :iconfloral-senshi:

:bulletgreen: ~Civilian Info~ :bulletgreen:

Civilian Name: Alasdair (Al) Arthur
Age: 25
Height: 6'1"
Hair Color: Dark Brunette
Eye color: Green

Orientation: Polyamorous Demisexual

Personality: Alasdair is extremely creative and active. He is very confident and sure of himself, which makes him have a bit of an ego. He often thinks himself as handsome and has a high opinion of himself, and is greatly optimistic. Also, he often undertakes tasks with gusto, only to later realize that they weren’t as easy as he had originally imagined. Alasdair seems to embody the kid in him and can enjoy games and the like to keep him entertained. He is very good with kids, and when surrounded by kids he tends to be "adopted" by them; making him a reliable babysitter. He loves his sister dearly to the point of embarrassing her. He knows this and sometimes comes up with elaborate ways of proving his love at her expense. Besides all of this he is a huge romantic, and dorkfish that can't help but be endearing and loving to those close to him. Even then he is serious on his responsibilities, work wise or senshi wise. He thinks himself to be a supporting person, while taking his ‘due’ from the spotlight he is also one to give encouragement and help others around him. This is also reflected to how he is as a Soldier; as he is mainly a support type fighter. (Everybody needs a cleric)

History: Both to a Scottish father and Colombian mother; both parents met when they worked in the same hospital. He was a nurse and she a Dr. Under her encouragement his father went back to medical school and became a doctor as well. Both then joined Doctors without Borders; traveling the world and helping as much as they could. Fast forward to a couple of years to introduce the birth of Alasdair and six years after for Denise. The couple continued to do their work with their kids, both having done their school work via correspondence.  When Alasdair was going to begin high school they went back to the states; leaving Alasdair and Denise with their uncle Graham. Alasdair worked diligently in school (while still goofing off) and at 16 he found the Mint ring; turning into soldier Mint. This had him distance himself from his sister, who in turn turned bitter towards him. Even then he had shown remarkable talent and at the age of 23 he ranked up the tiers to become Blooming. He now works as a pastry chef with an online shop and is one of the big three that are always by Flora.

:bulletgreen: ~Senshi Info~ :bulletgreen:

Senshi Name: Soldier Mint

Flower: Mint

Dominion: Portals and Healing

Tier: Blooming

Henshin Item: Mint Ring

Henshin Phrase: "Phase and Heal: Mint!"

Henshin Description: Mint leaves envelop Alasdair and a barrier envelops him as well. Then the leaves scatter around and inside the barrier. The barrier passes what appears to be a portal. When the new portal opens; Mint emerges in his fuku shaking some leaves from his hair, and poses with a thumbs up.

:bulletgreen: Attacks and Fighting: :bulletgreen:


:bulletgreen: Leaflets :bulletgreen:

Mainly a physical attack; Soldier Mint creates small portals where he can partially phase through and can hit an opponent from far away.

Limits: Can be combined with another attack, or done as a combo with another senshi. Can only support the extremities or quick ‘blast’ like attacks. Only four leaflet portals can be opened at a given time, they can change location anywhere in a range of 5 yards.


:bulletgreen: Barrier Loop :bulletgreen:

Soldier Mint creates a bubble-like barrier that envelops either himself or another. Once in the barrier it can loop in through portals Soldier Mint has crafted.

Limits: Can have only 12 portals open at any time, so he would have to close some to use Barrier Loop.  

:bulletgreen: Mint Bounce :bulletgreen:

Soldier Mint creates small portals that can redirect an attack.

Limits: All the portals are connected through channels, so there is no say where the attack might end up in.

:bulletgreen: Heal Orb :bulletgreen:

Soldier Mint expels an orb of healing energy that heals. Tends tends to do it right beside the person

Range and Limits: 5 feet before orb pops and sends the energy everywhere. Can unfortunately heal an opponent

:bulletgreen: Natural Healing :bulletgreen:

Soldier Mint creates healing mint leaves. Can be pressed against a wound for superficial and exterior healing, or ingested for internal wounds over anything that went through the senshi, or poisons and the like.

Limits: If senshi is unconscious Soldier Mint can grind it into a powder and infused with water can force it down a senshi’s throat. Problem is that, try making medicine in the middle of a battle. Can attempt to keep stable someone who is between life and death but doesn’t always succeed.


Mint Ring

A golden ring with a green stone, through the stone he is able to summon his portals and the like.

Innate Ability:

Soldier Mint’s innate ability is like a double edged sword. He can transfer an allies wounds onto himself, as his body heals at an accelerated rate compared to others. This doesn’t mean he’s invincible or the like.

:bulletgreen: ~Relationships~ :bulletgreen:

Relationship Log:

Sweetheart Divider Green Sweetheart Divider Green Sweetheart Divider Green Sweetheart Divider Green Sweetheart Divider Green Sweetheart Divider Green 
Here he is! One of the mods of Floral-Senshi and the biggest dorkfish of them all. 

As you can see with the sheet, the divisions have their purpose. The small box on the bottom is where you draw your flower/leaf. 

Ok Quick note; Mint has some elf-like ears (Tolkien elves) but you can't really see it with the hair. He's the elder brother of Denise (aka Sailor Hyancinth) and takes pleasure in showing his love and affection. 
Pixie Potion: Aromatherapy by hiddengardenia
Pixie Potion: Aromatherapy
For :iconfloral-senshi: 

This is the pixie potion aromatherapy. One of the available potions from the get go. This also counts as a Guardian-only item as it raises a Guardian's Endurance stat by 2. 

For now you can obtain the Potion as a Spoil for either Quest or Side Quest. Or you can get the ingredients needed to make the potion. 

I actually had a lot of fun drawing the bottle. It was something different to do and it was super fun. 
We hope that Floral-Senshi becomes a platform for various mediums.  So this is the template for writers.

Please fill out this requirement and then write in your pottion.

Senshi Name:
Civillian Name:

For the written portion you have two options:

1.  Write a story of 800-1,000 words that reflects your senshi's/soldier's personality. We want to see how they interract with others, maybe something of their past and the like.  

2. Second option will count your reference as a reference with a side quest.  
Prompt: Training!
Newly awakened senshi discovering their limits! That includes you. Show how you began your 'training' and learned how to hone in your newfound abilities!
Level: Easy
Possible Spoils: Flower Coins, Spice Pack, Aphrodite's Kiss, Weed Seeds, 5% Boost to Flower Coins, Guardian Shell
Limit: Word Limit of 800-1,000 words.
Writer's Template
Once the written portion has been filled out; please fill out the template below. 

~Civilian Info~

Civilian Name:
Hair Color:
Eye color:




~Senshi Info~

Senshi Name:




Henshin Item:

Henshin Phrase:

Henshin Description:

Fuku Description:





Innate Ability:


Part of Team:

Past Life Lover(s):





Love Interest(s)/Crushes:


Relationship Log:



United States
COLORED LOGO by hiddengardenia

There has been a new shop being promoted on Mane Street . So you decide to check it out, stepping into the cozy dim café you notice the walls are all chalkboard and there are scribbles here and drawings there. The long bar takes up one entire wall and a lone pony is behind it ardent at work.

"YO! Looks like you're a new face." The grey mare greeted behind the bar; a glass being polished with a rag using magic. "Well this is Bubbly & Sweet. I'm Shiraz the owner of the joint, and I'm in charge mainly of the bubbly." She walked by the length of the bar to stand before you giving a quick once-over before giving a singular nod. 

"Ok this is how it's going to go down. You have two options: ​either you let me decide for you; or you can pick a special from the wall. Sometimes we’ll ask for suggestions when Confection and I are out of ideas so if you become a regular you can probably do that.” Shiraz Sparkle explained without missing a beat as a notepad floated to her side ready to take the order.
Shiraz’s Choice
Shiraz uses her experience as a member of the Vine family and creates both a drink and dessert based off the pony themselves.
Drink 10-15 points/bits depending on complexity of pony
Dessert 10-15 points/bits depending on complexity of pony
Combo (Drink/Dessert) 25 points/bits
This Week’s Special
Hoof Marks!
Seeing as the chalkboard walls are pretty much empty enjoy drawing on it to your hearts content enjoying a treat too
 40 points/bits

Bubbly and Sweet Stamp Card by hiddengardenia
As a reward for regular customers after your fith visit you'll get a stamp card. Collect alll stamps and you can receive a bonus From free art to items/bits

To Do:
:iconnickyflamingo: (Paid) ~drafting
Hoof Marks~ Eureka

UP~ Marauder Hoof Mark by hiddengardenia Marauder Hoof Marks! nickyflamingo Paid and Dibe
UP~ Combo Spiteful Sonata by hiddengardenia Spiteful Sonata Combo! whispen Paid and Done
UP~ Fire Spin Hoof Mark by hiddengardenia Fire Spin Hoof Marks! dallyingcat Paid and Done
UP Nimbus Swirl Hoof Marks by hiddengardenia Nimbus Swirl Hoof Marks! dallyingcat Paid and Do3ne

[Note: All points are split 50/50 with Amiookamiwolf]
For: :iconuglyponies:




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