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SoE~Starlight Senshi Auriga by hiddengardenia
SoE~Starlight Senshi Auriga
For SenshiofEternity

Sailor Auriga
The Champions Chariot 
| Basics |
Name: Indra Nayar
Name Meaning: Indra: possessing drops of rain (after the chief god in the Hindu text the Rigveda) Nayar: 'leader', 'lord', 'soldier'
Nicknames: Indi
Age/DoB: 25, Feb 17
Gender: GNC, biologically female
Orientation: bi pride and polyamorous (#goals are being a part of a harem [jk…not])Taken/Single: Single and ready to mingle (have to start working for goals you know)

| Looks |
Height: 5'8"

Pre Henshin: Long and black in color with deep waves
Post Henshin: Similar as pre henshin; but the color changes to magenta

Post Henshin: Eyes become fuchsia in color

|Personality |

Indra thrives when the eyes of the world to be focused upon them. They love to be the center of attention, and to be in the limelight. Indra goes through life through the whims of her emotion of the moment, as if in an eternal high. Indra is very charming and cooperative and knows how to be a team player (read star player in the team). They try to be 'suave' and 'dashing' but it comes off too fast and with too much enthusiasm so it doesn't work on everyone. 

As Indra loves attention and being involved with people they can come off as selfish and manipulative; they don't mean it most of the time. But it takes someone Indra would pay attention too in order to really notice that 'yeah you're kind of right, sorry'. Indra while easy to get along with, doesn't consider everyone a friend. So when they find one, they cling like barnacles  and honestly....they don't let go, and they can become the annoying friend you avoid in public events. 

Indra does have a tendency of considering themselves as the center of their immediate universe. There are times that they think to themselves: "What does this mean to me? How does this affect me?" when dealing with people. Which adds that they are difficult to deal, especially sensitive people who aren't used to be being brushed off at times. Unless it is about their friends, and romantic partners. In those cases it's all attention to the point of smothering. 

Indra can be a bit of a diva, and it adds to their thespian background. They love the limelight and stage presence and work very hard in making their portrayals deep and interesting. Life tends to be a drama for Indra, so they need to be brought down to earth a bit every once in a while. 
Indra has a lot of difficulty with romantic involvement's, because they aren't used to using a lot of empathy. Which is very important for any relationship, especially polyamorous ones. There are some bad experiences that Indra has suffered that made them a bit more apathetic. So it takes a while for Indra to open up with people they feel any attraction of the sort. Indra for relationships needs people that can ground them, as they tend to take drama a bit too far (not everything is a telenovela/bollywood box office hit). 


Indra is a first generation immigrant from an Arabic family. It consists of parents, grandmother, and elder brother. Indra's father taught Krav Maga and her mother taught dancing. Indra and Zimri (brother) were very athletic since they were young, and they were exceptionally competitive. As Indra grew up they started to join the local drama club and they found a love for acting, which they took in stride. Even then when college came around they did a minor in theater and a bachelor in business. Now they work keeping things organized as a business consultant which is extremely flexible and allows Indra to do what they like. Involving theater, practicing martial arts (Indra specializes in kick based martial arts).

| Senshi |

Name: Sailor Auriga (prefers to call themselves Champion Auriga)
Dominion: Speed

Innate Ability:
           Speedster- As Champion Auriga Indra's body and stamina have changed to work with greater speeds. Their body does not generate fatigue poisons, the normal by-product of physical locomotion, which force the body to rest. The joints are smoother and lubricated more efficiently than those of a normal human being. Which allows them to keep their speeds for longer time. (think quicksilver or flash)

Weapon: Auriga's Wheels
            Two wheels "attach" to Champion Auriga's ankles (they free float by the ankles). These two wheels have spikes and leather wrapped around the frame. With these wheels Auriga can move over any terrain using a motion similar to skates. (roller derby of hell) Auriga can send the wheels to attack with their kicks or grab one and throw them (hopefully they're on level surface or they loose balance and go lopsided and plummet to hard ground)


Chariot Strike: The Wheels begin to spin alone to collect speed and momentum and attack the enemy with the added momentum adding great force and damage

Weaknesses: Because of the speed Auriga travels it can sometimes be hard to slowdown and effecticely stop; or do very sudden turns. This has placed Auriga in the line of fire unwillingly multiple times. 
| General Information: |

Full Name: Royal Eclipse (formally Shining Velvet)
Nicknames: Eclipse, Velvet (by close friends), Royal, Rey (used sarcastically by his pets)

Gender: Agender (he/they)
Sex: Male

Sexual Orientation: gynosexual
Relationship Status: n/a
Age: Young Adult Stallion (26) (appearance wise; he's actually older but refuses to say)
Species: Royal Pony

| About Them: |

History: Royal Eclipse is the guardian of the eclipse, the ethereal time that the sun and moon overlap. He is also considered the seer of  oth morning and lunar twilight the in-between moments so much like the eclipse. Eclipse lives atop a floating castle that drifts along and for now resides above the forests of Elicolt causing an "eclipse's" shadow on the ground below. While considered a young adult he sometimes shows he is wiser thn he lets people know.

Personality Traits: Royal Eclipse is said ito be ethereal and calm. Yet its mainly a front he maintains, Royal is actully very awkward with ponies he doesn't know. He collects jewelry and has a soft spot for red and yellow gems. With ponies he's confortable around, after the initial awkwardness (aka not stuttering or using the royal 'we'/'this one'/'This Royal' way of talking about himself) he's shown to be a simple guy with a big responsibility. He's not used to being around many ponies so he's unsure how to behave and whats too proper or whats too casual. So he mainly has Hugin and Nox as back up.

Hometown: Grahan Palace

Career: Prince of the Eclipse
Jobs partaken in:

Outfits or Accessories: He changes often

Pets: his familiars are two blessed companions (aka they talk and live long lives). One is a white Raven named Hugin, the other is an ebony Chinchilla named Nox. Both enjoy teasing him to no end.

Relationships: tba

| Cutie Mark|

Cutie Mark: A ring of yellow stones similar to the ring following an eclipse
How did they get the Cutie Mark: Royal Eclipse first got the cutie mark after successfully creating their first eclipse. It was when he named himself eclipse, his name before was Shining Velvet. Yet by finding his talent and domain he chose his name.
Special Talent: Bringing forth the Eclipses
UP Royal Eclipse written ref
For UglyPonies 

| For Breeding |

Id: 247
Genos: Black male with Green/Yellow hair and Tobiano(Hom)
(Carries Light(het) Yellow and yellow C Seal)
Original Ref: Dallyingcat's Villager (#247) by Princess-Ugly
UP~Charity Sweetmint by hiddengardenia
UP~Charity Sweetmint

hiddengardenia's Foal (#693) by Princess-Ugly
Charity SweetMint*
Preferences: Anypony
Cutie Mark: A purple heart with golden wings and a halo
Occupation: A philanthropist and socialite
Personality: Charity is a pony who loves to do help many ponies and has made various charities help out. Because she's gain recognition, it has turned her into a little socialite but she uses it to her advantage talking her case and getting people to donate to those in need

Genes: Light(het) Green angel female with purple/purple mane, orange ColorZebra(hom)
(Carries Okapi, Black)
UP~ Azure Flowers by hiddengardenia
UP~ Azure Flowers

Oliv-e's Villager (#541) by Princess-Ugly
Azure Flowers
Preference: both Mares and Stallions
Cutie Mark: a branch of forget-me-nots
Occupation: Herbalist
Personality: Azure is a very sweet pony but she isn't shy; she enjoys going around and helping others and tending her garden most

Genes: Grey fairy female with orange/blue mane
(Carries Purple, Black, Seal)


United States

Breeding Status -ON-

While Breeding is Open I won't go crazy to save poor Whispen.

For :iconuglyponies:

Ok kiddies I saw that people were making journals to keep track breeding and the like and i decided to jump on the bangwagon. 

So here's to start: If our ponies breed it doesn't make them have a relationship and the like and the foals won't be related in any way, shape, or form. Unless i think it's cool to do otherwise. 

Now the rules:
  • Ask nicely
  • There will be a breeding fee to cover (just so we can have everything prepared for the breeding). It'll mainly be half of a bouquet, or half of the turkey basters. 
  • If the Pony's name has a star on it; it means that I am more reluctant to breed it and there might be a higher fee
    • If you wanna ask me to breed my ponies together (still there'll be a fee)

  • If a Pony has THREE STARS on it; it means that I am more than likely unwilling to breed unless it's for something I want. (coughROYALPONYcough)
  • If you'd like a pony from one of my ponies and of another person. Get their permission first and then hit me up. :3
  • If you are a new member that doesn't have a pony; I don't mind breeding one for you. (There might be a few ponies I'm reluctant to do that with so please understand)
  • If we get 2 ponies I'll be keeping one, but you call first dibs.

Now the ponies! (list will be updated when new ponies come in)


hiddengardenia's Villager (#146) by Princess-Ugly
Shiraz Sparkle- Female
Grey Female
(Carries Blue with Orange/Red hair, Bay(Het), and Purple)

hiddengardenia's Foal (#262) by Princess-Ugly
Autumn Lune- Female
Dilute(Het) Purple Female with green/orange hair, Bay(Het) and Sabino(Het)
(Carries seal, black, and Yellow)


MUSElGEN's Villager (#071) by Princess-Ugly
Whiplash- Male
Yellow male with green/purple hair, seal(Het), and roan(Het)
(Carries yellow and c zebra)

Song Ponies

hiddengardenia's Villager (#147) by Princess-Ugly
Orchid Chime- Female *
White female with RainbowMane
(Carries Light(Hom) Red with Red/Purple hair, Overo(Het), Black(Het), Colorbay(Het), Seal(Het), and Red)
A 100 pt/bit fee
imaprettypeacock's Villager (#288) by Princess-Ugly
Unnamed -Female
Black female with Yellow/Orange hair and Overo(het)
(Carries Light(Het) Purple, CBay, Seal, and ORange)

Fairy Ponies 

imaprettypeacock's Foal (#157) by Princess-Ugly
Obreon Starling- Male
Light(Hom) Green male with Purple/Blue hair
(Carries C Zebra(Het), Okapi(Het), Dapple(Het), Black, and Purple)

Sea Ponies

PaintSet's Foal (#184) by Princess-Ugly
Typhoon Tide- Male
Light(Hom) Orange male Sea Pony with Orange/Purple hair, RainbowMane, and Overo(Het)
(Carries Black, Seal(Het), and Red)

Alicorn Ponies

MUSEIGEN's Foal (#180) by Princess-Ugly
Sky Dive- Male*
White Alicorn Male with Yellow/Orange hair
(Carries Orange, Tobiano(Het), Appaloosa(Het), and Orange)
A 150 pt/bit fee

Earth Ponies

Biscottimon's Villager (#228) by Princess-Ugly
Grey(het) male with Red/Yellow hair, Dapple(Het), Appaloosa(Hom), and BlackMane
(Carries Blue, Python(Het), and Yellow)

Deer Ponies 

hiddengardenia's Villager (#195) by Princess-Ugly
Carambola- Female
Blue female Fawn Pony with Yellow/Ornage hair, Dapple(Het), and Zebra(Hom)
(Carries Star Dapple(Het), Black, and Orange)

Dragon Ponies 

hiddengardenia's Foal (#314) by Princess-Ugly
Grey(Het) male Dragon with Green/Green hair and Sabino(het)
(Carries Dilute(het) Purple, Seal, Bay, Black(hom), and Green)

Kirin Ponies 

hiddengardenia's Foal (#312) by Princess-Ugly
Dilute(hom) Red male Kirin with Yellow/Orange hair and Seal(hom)
(Carries Black and Green)
A 150 pt/bit fee

Royals Ponies

Dallyingcat's Villager (#247) by Princess-Ugly
Regal Eclipse - Male***
Black male with Green/Yellow hair and Tobiano(Hom)
(Carries Light(het) Yellow and yellow C Seal)
Things I'm looking for!
  • Python
  • Okapi
  • Leopard
  • Bat Ponies
  • Pegasi
  • Fairy Ponies
  • ALWAYS Wereponies
  • Shroom
Breeding to do/done!:

For :iconpaintset: and ME: (double breeding)
Pony A: Obreon Starling imaprettypeacock's Foal (#157) by Princess-Ugly
Pony B: Typhoon Tide (to be named) PaintSet's Foal (#184) by Princess-Ugly
Items Needed: 2 Bouquets and 2 Turkey Basters (pending, may change)
Sent?: No

Pony A: 
Pony B: 
Items Needed: 

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