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Purrtals~ Purrtals Pals Aurora by hiddengardenia
Purrtals~ Purrtals Pals Aurora

For :iconpurrtals:

So this is Aurora the keeper/master/slave/plaything of Monty (Sidhe) and Tatiana "Tati" (Rusalka). She is the brain child of me and cosmicmoths as we're co-owning the Purrtals. (Aka I won't be the only one suffering drawing kitties). The little pastel hummingbird and goldfish in the pic are paint spirits that Aurora paints to entertain Tati and Monty when she really has to concentrate. Also couch is supposed to be a classic car's front seat.....but idk if it came out like that.

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| Le Dossier |

Name: Aurora

Age: 23


Gender: cis-Female

Sexuality: Demisexual, Heteroromantic

Occupation: Witch, Painter, and Farmer

Personality: Aurora is always busy, when she’s not making her potions, or medicine; she’s tending to her orchard/farm, making something, or painting. She has a lot of different interests that might seem clashing at first. It mainly translate to her clothing preference. While she loves pastel punk/goth; she can easily wear some pin up inspired rockabilly wear. She enjoys her space and freedom, being able to choose without a fixed routine even though she has her responsibilities. Thanks to Monty, she tends to get sleepy a lot. Aurora loves her orchard, yet she at times likes to take ‘solo’ road trips in her vintage Bel Air around the country, with her kitties with her of course. She tends to be rather eclectic collecting random vintage items to decorate her cabin. Aurora gets her income mainly by all the different things she sells, from organic honey/fruits/jams, to her paintings, candles/soaps, and a ward or two for the paranormal friend. Aurora is a care-free girl and a hopeless romantic at heart. She enjoys taking herself on ‘dates’ by visiting museums, sappy movies, watching local plays, or go people watching at the part with a sketchbook in hand.

Likes: Handmade items, her kitties, the open road, the scent of candles, fresh fruit, open spaces, naps with Monty and Tati, cheesy romance novels/fanfiction, pressed flowers, herbs, Her Bel Air, cartoons, and Disney Films

Dislikes: Cities and crowded places, loud noises, small spaces.


[CLOSED] Purrtal 013: Leanan Sidhe by WanderingKotka Monty (Leanan Sidhe)

[CLOSED] Purrtal 006: Rusalka by WanderingKotka Tatiana (Rusalka)

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Purrtal Pals
Purrtals mascots Loki and Mercury have loving keepers (or are they servants?) in Moira and Melete.  Show us who takes care of your Purrtal!  Are they an enchanter?  A witch?  A demon?  A fae?  An ordinary human who is gifted with an extraordinary pet?  It’s up to you!  Because Moira and Melete specialize in sending things and people to different times, places, and even realities, your Purrtal Keeper can be from anywhere, anywhen!

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Purrtals belongs to: :iconnickyflamingo: & :iconwanderingkotka:

Aurora/Tatiana/Monty are co owned with me and :iconcosmicmoths:
[OPEN Auction] Cake Adopt 001: Dragonfly by hiddengardenia
[OPEN Auction] Cake Adopt 001: Dragonfly
Cake Adopt 1:

An intricate mini 3 Tier cake in turquoise embellished with cogs, gold, glitter, and a dragonfly key. It is perched on a rotating music box, and the front legs seem to be of another material. 
This cake adopt can be considered similar to an Egg Adopt. The cakes themselves are indicative to the final character. 

Winner will receive the original without watermark and undies base for clothes.

Current Highest Bid: 
SB: $10 
AB: $60


Teal Gem  100 points = 1 USD
Teal Gem  The Character belongs to me until it’s sold; after sold it will belong to the new owner. 
Teal Gem  Please don’t copy/use in anyway unless you are the winner. 
Teal Gem  You can gift the art to whomever you wish
Teal Gem  Once winner is chosen, I will give you payment info and will wait 24 hours to receive funds! Please do not bid money if you don’t have it. 
Teal Gem If I don't receive the funds I will offer it to the runner up. (But I understand things happen, if anything does happen please let me know and we'll work something out) 
Teal Gem Please do not send anything over until I have declared you winner. 
Teal Gem  You can upload anywhere you want FB, Tumblr, etc but please keep my signature intact.
Teal Gem If you plan on selling, please sell for the same or lower than what you paid for. Don't use for profit (i.e. higher than what you paid for)
Teal Gem  If you give away/sell please tell me so I can update it here.

Drawn using Autodesk Sketchbook, so no clue on resolution


United States

For :iconconstellation-senshi:

So I totally got the idea from the beautiful :iconwanderingkotka: (even though I don't think there's much to Yari yet when Unisamas took the plunge I had to follow)

Have a question for/about/regarding Sailor Circinus? Drop a question and they (or I) will give you an answer to the best of our collective knowledge.

(Some answers moght be drawn! If i get inspired to do so...and doesn't seem complicated in my head ;D)

Currently Available to ask are:

Sailor Cirinus:
1st Gen: Circi

Breezy and fickle 1st Circinus that likes to be called Circi (shortened Circinus). Cool and an avid lover of beauty. She began the trend on the Circinus's to not take things too seriously, on an emotional standpoint; as things always changed into new directions.

Sailor Circinus:
Current Gen: Yarisneidys Zorrila

Loud, tropical, and boisterous. A proud Cuban with a thirst for love and life. Hot and an instigator; Yari has to be taken with a grain of salt. Very animated and generally cheerful. Unfortunately she has adapted like all other Circinus following Circi's view on not being so emotionally involved with others, which has been a double edged sword. (And secret stuff)

Some Generations between Yari and Circi may appear depending on plot; and will be added here.


Gen1: Circi
- Do you regret leaving your homeworld to come to the Cloaked World as a senshi?

"No, I knew I have used up all my usefulness in my homeworld. We all had changed with the passing of time and I was no longer what they needed. Yet the Lady did need me, and I felt that with her in the cloaked world I would grow as a person and a warrior."

- When you come to Earth, do you find it and its people beautiful?  Or is it a letdown?
"There was a rugged charm to it. It wasn't as ethereal as my homeworld; yet it held its own beauty. I wouldn't say it was a let down because i didn't know what to expect, or how I would react to the planet and the inhabitants. Some things did clash with me, and it takes a strong will to not let it affect me. If anything the very pompous manner in how men were infinitely superior was something I clashed with every time, but after that there were pleasant people and beauty everywhere I looked."

Current Gen: Yari
- Are you glad you've become a senshi?  Or is this a drag?  Do you wish you had never received the brooch?

"Honestly? There are days that I detest having become a senshi. Y ya cuando estoy en lo más bajo, once I'm at the lowest point. I wish I had nothing to do with being a senshi. But when I'm that low the people most important to me come around. That's when I remember how good it is being a senshi. I would have never met Stella, or Catalina, or Lan if I wasn't a senshi. I wouldn't have seen Tamra again, and I wouldn't have been getting more friends. When I deck the fuku on I'm not only a hot piece of ass; I'm not alone. I have the past me's, and my senshi friends. Also if I didn't accept it; my sister Irena would have been plan B. I wasn't going to put Irena in danger if I had anything to say about it."




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